Ni80 Pre-built multi Core parallel Fused Clapton Coils 0.16Ω-0.4Ω ,Sub-ohm

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Ni80 Pre-built, Sub-ohm Coils,

All 6 wraps and 3mm diameter coils

  • Fast ramp-up time
  • Corrosion resistance

Please note, the resistance figures are approximate.

All resistance (ohm Ω ) below are based on single coil, for dual-coil divide by two


Multi Core parallel Fused Flat Clapton


NEW4-core coils (6wraps):

- Ni80 (28g X 4 + 36g), Core: 28gax4 parallel, outer 36ga, 0.27Ω(±0.04), 8.5mm wide

- Ni80 (26g X 4 + 40g), Core: 26gax4 parallel, outer 40ga, 0.16Ω(±0.04), 10mm wide


2-core coils (6wraps):

- Ni80 (26g X 2 + 36g),  Core: 26gax2 parallel,outer 36ga,0.32Ω(±0.04), 6mm wide

- Ni80 (26g X 2 + 38g),  Core: 26gax2 parallel, outer 38ga,0.28Ω(±0.04), 6mm wide


3-core coils (6wraps):

- Ni80 (28g X 3 + 38g), Core: 28gax3 parallel, wrapped with 38ga,0.36Ω(±0.04), 7.5mm wide

- Ni80 (28g X 3 + 40g), Core: 28gax3 parallel, wrapped with 40ga, 0.38Ω(±0.04),7.5mm wide

Other Ni80 coils:


- Ni80 Alien Coils: (0.3x0.8+32ga), 0.35Ω(±0.04) - 0.3mmx0.8mm flat wire at core with 32ga outer wire (please note: this is the traditional alien coil. It is not the V2/multi-core coil with the wavy outer wrap)

- Ni80 Juggernaut coils:(26ga*32ga)*2 + 0.1*0.9mm (0.30Ω(±0.04). Two 26g/32 Clapton wires at core + flat wire outer.


Ni80: (80% nickel and 20% chromium)

Uniform Wire = Improved Efficiency

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