4 Screws + Torx Key For AL-KO Shredder Blade Ref: 503616, 517828 & 325967

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4 Screws + Torx Key For AL-KO Shredder Blade Ref: 503616, 517828,  325967

For Dynamic Avantec, plus more

Please check suitability


You are buying:

4 X Stainless Steel Screws

1 x Stainless Steel Torx Key



Suitable for:

2000 Series 2200, 2400

Budget BGH 1801, BGH 2002

Caravan 1800, NT1600 R

Classic 1800

Comfort 47 BR ZV

1400, 1600, 1600R, 1600S, 1800, 1800R,
2200, 2000L, 2200RS, 2200S

Edition Pro, H1400, H1600, H1800, H1800R, H1800RS,
H2200, H2200HR, H2000L, H2200RS, H2500RS

Micro, Silent H1600, Silent H2000

Eco 1600

Edition 2500R, Tec 4.0

Euromat 1800RS

Garden Trend MD1400, MD1600R


35-22 HR, 40-24 HR

1600 Dynamic, 1800R Dynamic, Dynamic 1600,

Dynamic 1800RS, Dynamic 2200RS, Dynamic 2200TRS

Ginge Dynamic 1800, New Tec 1800R

Husq 35-180


2000, 2001, 2002, Plus
King Craft 2500R

King Tec 2400 R

Limited Edition 2000
Master 16-30

Micro AK117461, AK117509, AK117512

New Tec

1300, 1400, 1400 EASYAR, 1400 EASYCH, 1400R,

1600R, 1800R, 1800R MET, 2200R, 2400R, 2400S, 2500R

Orion 1300, 1600R, HR2200, New Tec 1600R

Powerline Avantec 2500

Power Slider 2000R, 2500

Tec 2450R, 2500R

Top Garden 1600H, 1600HR, H1600, 2000HRL, 2200HRT

Top Kraft 2500R

Top Tec

1500NT, 1700NT, 1800, 1900NT

2300, 2300B, 2300TRS, 2500, 2500B, 2700

Uniropa 1400, 1600, New-Tec 2500R

L 98mm, W 29mm, Hole centres 45mm, hole size 8mm

GHS part number - 4217

OEM part number - 325-967, 517-828


    AL-KO H 1500S AK118004
    King Craft 2200 AK118429
    AL-KO H 1100S AK104603
    AL-KO H 1300S AK104604
    AL-KO H 1600S AK104708
    AL-KO H 1300S AK104790
    AL-KO H 1300S AK117731
    AL-KO BG-2200S AK117704
    AL-KO H 1600 AK117672
    AL-KO H 1600S B+Q AK117442
    AL-KO BG- 1800S AK117434
    AL-KO BG- 1300S AK117433
    AL-KO H 1300S AK117398
    Uniropa 2000 AK117357
    Uniropa 1600 AK117356
    AL-KO Standard 13 AK117293
    AL-KO H 1300 OPP AK117226
    Uniropa 2200 AK117214
    AL-KO Classic AK117121
    AL-KO H 1600 AK117108
    AL-KO H 1300 DS AK117096
    AL-KO H 1300 AK117074
    Gardol H 1300 AK117047
    AL-KO H 1600 XR AK117002
    AL-KO HR 1300 AK104873
    AL-KO H 2200S AK104709
    AL-KO H 1600S AK104691
    AL-KO H 2200 AK104617

    AL-KO H 1300 AK104616


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