AL-KO Garden shredder T8 Steel Blades ref:325030 & 102650 for Models: H1800 H2200 H1100 H1300

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Alko Blade 102650
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A Full Set

1- 2 x AL-KO  Garden shredder T8 Steel Blade for ALKO H1800 H2200 H1100 H1300, 102650

2- Plus 4 Stainless Steel Screws

3- Plus Stanless Steel Torx Key


A set of 2 reversible replacement blades for AL-KO

Replacement for Part number : 102650, 325030 ( See details below)


Blades engineered for longer life:

   -  T8  High Speed Steel (HSS) with Tungsten to add abrasion resistance

   -  A secondary micro bevel adds strength; easy to sharpen

   -  Mirror finish, reduces friction/heat and rus

    - Protective Safety container



Primary and Secondary bevels: The blade edge is called the secondary (micro) bevel and the knife body is the primary bevel. Some knives/blades have only one bevel (primary bevel).


Our blades are made of HSS Steel with Tungsten
High-speed steel (HSS) is used as cutting tool material.  it can withstand higher temperatures without losing its temper (hardness). This property allows HSS to cut faster than high carbon steel. The Addition of Tungsten increases abrasion resistance

Our blades have an added secondary bevel
A secondary bevel that has significantly steeper angle is one intended to strengthen the bevel, therefore should last longer (see photos)
A higher angle Secondary bevel (at edge) lasts longer as it is less susceptible to nicks.
The benefit of a secondary bevel is to make subsequent sharpening quicker. Limiting the use of finer stones to the narrow secondary bevel without compromising the strength of the edge.
The idea is that when you hone the secondary (micro) bevel, you are taking off less metal.

Our blades have a near  mirror polished surface
Hence generating less friction/heat, lengthening blade-edge lifetime
Suitable for our wet/ humid climate where metals rust. A coarse metallic surface is more prone to rusting than a polished surface.

The Manufacturer:
- Over 3 decades of experience in manufacturing industrial blades
- All blades are made following Japanese standards
- Medium-frequency induction furnace leaving raw material pure without casting segregation
- Temperature control & heat treatment to achieve the best steel properties
- Deep cryogenic treatment at liquid nitrogen temp. to enhance hardness/wear resistance
- Spectrometer and other advanced machines to assist quality control


Suitable for:

    AL-KO H 1500S AK118004
    King Craft 2200 AK118429
    AL-KO H 1100S AK104603
    AL-KO H 1300S AK104604
    AL-KO H 1600S AK104708
    AL-KO H 1300S AK104790
    AL-KO H 1300S AK117731
    AL-KO BG-2200S AK117704
    AL-KO H 1600 AK117672
    AL-KO H 1600S B+Q AK117442
    AL-KO BG- 1800S AK117434
    AL-KO BG- 1300S AK117433
    AL-KO H 1300S AK117398
    Uniropa 2000 AK117357
    Uniropa 1600 AK117356
    AL-KO Standard 13 AK117293
    AL-KO H 1300 OPP AK117226
    Uniropa 2200 AK117214
    AL-KO Classic AK117121
    AL-KO H 1600 AK117108
    AL-KO H 1300 DS AK117096
    AL-KO H 1300 AK117074
    Gardol H 1300 AK117047
    AL-KO H 1600 XR AK117002
    AL-KO HR 1300 AK104873
    AL-KO H 2200S AK104709
    AL-KO H 1600S AK104691
    AL-KO H 2200 AK104617

    AL-KO H 1300 AK104616


                                 FREE Delivery and Fast Dispatch         

30-day return policy

30 Days Return Policy

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